Wednesday, August 3, 2011

White Water Summer Camp

Are you 12-18 years old? Wondering what to do after you UPSR/PMR/SPM? Well, have I got the best-est idea for you!

White Water Summer Camp (WWSC) is the place to be this December! Knowing that youth today have no opportunities to be exposed to the great outdoors, especially during the year, WWSC is here to take you back to the playground your parents played in =)

Not only will you be learning survival skills they don't teach you in school like first aid, fishing, cooking, and art, you'll also be learning from God's Word!

To find out more about this totally wicked camp, go to
There's also a 'For Parents' section which will help you put to ease any worries an average parent might have.

See you there!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let us not forget.

Pastor preached on Ephesians 2:11-22 today. I like how this passage has a timeline or a journey of what we once were to what we are now.

v11-12 show us who we were. Let us not forget that we were once outcasts without hope, without a savior, without a Messiah. We once stood outside the temple courts and could only behold the glory of God from afar. We were once friendless and separated from the chosen. We were...nothing.

v13-18 show us what happened. That this Christ, this Jesus, who was all part of God's plan, had united the two bodies unto one and abolished the ceremonial law forever. That there was hope for us now who were once doomed to eternal darkness not only to be saved, but to actually have the spirit of adoption that causes us to cry out Abba father. His grace.

v19-22 show us who we have become. We are no longer outcasts. We are no longer strangers. Rather, we have become partakers in Christ. For something we did not do anything to deserve, we were given a full amount, poured out until it overflows.

O Lord help us remember who we were - Gentiles, sinful and hopeless. As the song goes, "heal the wound but leave the scar".

I AM GUILTY of excusing myself for not having a close relationship with God, when God had already done what was necessary and that I should run with arms open wide towards His grace.

I AM GUILTY of excusing myself for continuing in sin, forgetting that I have been vindicated from this very thing that kept me away from God.

I AM GUILTY as the Israelites were during the time of the Judges : being forgetful about His strength and realities, and turning my back towards Him unless during times of great distress. Over and over again.

Oh Lord let me not forget. If it means a life full of suffering so that I will never betray You, then so be it. For 'blessed are the poor, the hungry and the meek'.

Looking forward to the future assured transfiguration of our earthen vessels.

- Dylan

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Healing Testimony.

Hello there! :)

how are you guys doing?
the miracle of Sarah Lyn happened back in 2002... just spend some time reading it and be blessed!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sending out a distress signal

Lets encourage each other to pray for one another.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How is everyone doing?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"being the change" is actually easier than it seems.

Hey guys,
how are you all doing?

Since 2009 and being made an admin I have never updated this blog, mainly because I had nothing to write about.

I just got back from the Hillsong Women's Conference in Sydney about a week ago and it was AMAZING.

I was mind-blown to see the amount of women at the conference and during worship, women were raising their hands up high in total surrender and just think about it-
God has a relationship with each and every one of these women.
What an amazing God we serve, isn't it?

The auditorium was PACKED to the brim!
 This conference brings women from the four corners of the globe together to inspire us to BE a world changer.
So the true heart of the Sisterhood is more than just sympathising with someone going through a difficult time. It’s deeper than that. It involves compassion, which commands response from our heart, as does empathy– it’s about every day girls, rolling up their sleeves and seeking to make a difference in their world... and not only that but inspiring others to make that difference also.

I was briefed about the human trafficking scene in Greece and Ukraine.
Every second 1 girl is being tricked / forced into prostitution, and the same goes to kids as young as 3! can you imagine that?!

Yes, human trafficking is not something new- it is rather something that has become normal and common.

How on earth did the abnormal become normal that we become so accustomed to it that sometimes, really, we could not be bothered about it?

Can you imagine your sister/mother/yourself having to entertain as many as 50 men a day? Yes, it is a fact.

So I was really moved by this that I couldn't just sit and say nothing about this.

During one of a club meeting at my (new) college, I just spoke for 5 mins about this and an organization that I am currently supporting called 'A21'
and guess what? the committee actually bought my proposal and they are looking to organize a charity dinner (yes, those kind of dinners where the tickets are expensive) to raise thousands of dollars for this.

I really am just an ordinary everyday girl,

Amazing how just opening your mouth could bring about change in the world.